Rose of Sharon Seeds (Hibiscus Sinensis)


Rose of Sharon Tree Seeds, suitable for Bonsai – 50 seeds per packet

These Rose of Sharon Seeds (Hibiscus Sinensis) are hand collected and dried and are stored in a cool dark environment to keep them fresh. The Hibiscus plant is a flowering shrub from the mallow family with large showy blooms. This plant is ideal for bonsai. It makes a beautiful bonsai tree that is a study in contrast. With it’s large richly-colored blooms contrasting with the green leaves and they in turn contrasting with the light colored branches; it gives a lovely overall effect.


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There are two main types of Hibiscus, or Rose of Sharon trees – tropical and hardy. These Rose of Sharon seeds are for the hardy variety. They will grow in sunlight or shade and have matt leaves. Although they are hardy, when young, they do need some protection over winter. This is especially true if you are keeping them outside as a shrub or tree.

Growing Advice:

Feeding: Rose of Sharon plants need regular feeding to encourage leaf and flower production. The primary indicator of nutrient deficiency is pale leaves and sparse blooms. To solve this a liquid organic fertilizer with balanced nutrients is perfect. Additionally, fertilizers with bone meal are very helpful for stimulation flower development. The addition of blood meal will stimulate green leafy growth.

Pruning: You can prune the plant as desired for bonsai shaping.  Be aware that the roots should only be pruned during periods of warm weather when growth if most active.

Additional tips for a Bonsai Rose of Sharon: Pruning will control the leaf size and these lovely trees will bloom throughout the season if their needs are fully met.

In addition to our Rose of Sharon Seeds we also carry other beautiful flower seeds.

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