Daylily Daze Seeds


15 seeds per pack

Our Daylily Daze seeds (Hemerocallis) are hand harvested and air dried and completely organic, they are grown directly on our family farm – no outsourcing here!

Daylilies make lovely garden plants and are easy to grow and maintain. The flowering peroid is June through August and they sprout up as early as February depending on the severity of the winters in your area. We stock several different varieties of Daylily and are adding to the seeds we carry each year.

Seeds are stored in a dark, cool and dry environment and are freshly harvested from the last growing season.

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Day Lily ‘Daze’ seeds

Daylilies get their common name because each bloom lasts only one day, however these plants are some of the hardiest and toughest ones around. This can be seen with the common orange type of lily called Hemerocallis fulva which is sometimes called ‘ditch lily’. These are native to China and Japan and have been popular in the US since the late 19th century and you’ll find them growing everywhere from garden to railroad traks to vacant lots – to the point where many people think they are native wildflowers.

Daylily blooms all have 6 single petals that can be wide or narrow, edged in ruffles or slightly curled away from the flowers’ center. Some double flowerd types have tow or more rows of petals with flowers that can look more like a cupcake than a trumpet. Because of the wide variety of daylily types and plant sizes daylilies can fit into nearly any lanscape , from modernism to the traditional cottage garden.

The daylily differes from ‘true’ lilies as true lilies belogs to the Lilium genus and the Liliaceae family. Daylilies on the other hand, though the do share the trumpet-like “lily” blooms, belong to the genus Hemerocallis in the Hemerocallidaceae fmaily. Their closest relation is actually the amaryllis or Amaryllidaceae plant family. If you look closely at an amaryllis you can see how similar they are in terms of bloom and foliage configuration.

As far as caring for your daylilies goes all they need is plenty of sun and a reasonable amount of water. Once the plants are well established they can even tolerate some drought.

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